Choosing the right frame for you

The following information will help you to identify your own face shape, guiding you towards the most flattering and comfortable frame for you. Start by looking into a mirror and take your hair back from the sides of your face so that you can study the  outline of your face to define which category you fall into.

The oval face:

Oval faces have foreheads that are slightly wider than the rest of the face and the sides of the face taper gently inwards towards the jaw line.  This shape is the so called “standard  of beauty" and is therefore perhaps the easiest to suit.

Frame shapes to try:

Almost any style is suitable; round, oval , angular or upswept. Attention should be paid to the fitness of the bridge and the size of the frame.

The round face:

A round face is usually short and fairly wide. Cheeks may be full leading to a soft, rounded chin.

Frame shapes to try:

The illusion of a slimmer face can often be created if round styles are avoided. Choose frames that are distinctive, angular, almost square, with designs that accentuate the upper part of face.  Look for frames with high temples and up-swept “cat’s eye” styles.


The Heart-Shaped or  Triangular face:

This face features a small neat chin and mouth leading up to broader forehead.

Frame shapes to try

Choose angular frames with strong vertical lines.  Avoid frame shapes  which mirror the angle of the jaw and in doing so draw attention to it.

The square face:

The square face is angular and well-defined but can be quite short and wide.

Frame shapes to try:

The square face shape should not be echoed by the frame , try soft round frame shapes or large ovals. Avoid very small or insignificant styles as these will only emphasis the squareness of the face.

The long face:

The long face is characterized by high cheek-bones, a deep forehead and a strongly defined sharp chin line.

Frame shapes to try:

The long shape can benefit from enhancing the width of the face so try wide, large framed glasses in oval or round  styles.

Data Source : Lawrence and Mayo

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