White reflex seen in Child eye is because of :


Retinoblastoma ; Tumor in child eye,

Retrolental Fifroplasia: Malformation in eye develops mainly in low birth weight baby or premature baby kept in   oxygen tent for some time.

Congenital diseases as Coats disease, persistent hyperplastic primary vitreous or persistence of the faetal vasculature.

Ocular toxocariasis, toxoplasmosis.

Rare causes are Warburg syndrome, extensive myelination of nerve fibers with myopia etc.

All these need urgent attention as retinoblastoma is fatal to life if not treated and other diseases may lead to loss of vision if not treated. Most of these cases are asymptomatic and are noticed incidentally. Examination and work up in children are complicated because lack of cooperation and may need frequent examination in general anesthesia. Treatment may involve lasers, surgery and even removal of eye depending on diagnosis and stage of disease.


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