Myopia is a condition where people have to wear minus number glasses to see the distance clearly. When the eyeball is too long, light rays from distance objects are focused in front of retina resulting in a blurred image.

However the objects close to the eye get focused on the retina and are seen clearly and so the disease is commonly known as near or short  sightedness. It can be corrected by giving concave ( minus) lens in front of eye.  

There are three types of myopia

  Simple MYOPIA
  Developmental MYOPIA
  Progressive MYOPIA

In Simple Myopia power does not progress after adolescence. (power of 5 or 6 dioptres may be the maximum).

In Developmental Myopia the child is normally born with high power around 10 dioptres. In this case progress is rare.

In Progressive Myopia the power may keep on increasing with body growth normally till age of 18 to 21 years or beyond. The power may rarely reach to - 25 dioptre or more.

'The general worry is that, a person with myopia has to face many problems But it is not so. Myopic patients can lead a normal life. The only thing is that myopic patients are slightly more prone to retinal lesions including retinal detachment as compared to normal population. So, a regular check up of the retina is important, preferably by indirect ophthalmoscope. However, if these patients have symptoms like black spots, flashes of light and hazy vision they should consult the doctor immediately.

How to Treat Myopia

The usual correction of myopia is glasses or contact lenses. 

Till now we do not have any means to stop the progress of myopia. The use of hard or other rigid gas permeable    contact lenses has been claimed by some as means to check the progress but it has not been proved.

There is no medical means or exercises to stop or decrease the power. We welcome you to report any means, which has helped you to decrease the power.

Till now there is no remedy to prevent the retinal lesions. However, if retinal holes are detected during regular check up,  cryo or laser can be done to treat it.

Operations For Myopia

Surgeries for myopia are done only to decrease the power. It does not stop the progression of power or development of any retinal lesions. So it should be done after 18 to 21 years of age when power stabilizes. Power should be stable for a year before doing the surgery. 

Methods of surgery

  Radial Keratotomy
  Intra Corneal Rings
  Phakic Implants.


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