Who can be the eye donor

Practically anybody above 1 year age. Cornea from persons above 70 may not be good for transplantation. Spectacle wearers, person with diabetes and hypertension and persons blind from retinal and optic nerve diseases can also donate the eyes.

Pledging the eye

Pledging means resolving to donate the eyes after the death. This is a noble act but it requires relatives or friends to carry out his / her pledge after his death. Even if one has not pledged one can donate the eye of the deceased family member or friends.

How to donate eye

You call the nearest eye bank after the death of your beloved relatives. The eye should be collected within 6 hours of death. So call the eye bank at your earliest. You can also do the followings to keep eye healthy:

Keep the eyes of deceased closed and covered with moist cotton and ice.

Switch off the overhead fan.

If possible put antibiotic drops in the eye to prevent infection.

Raise the head end of the body by 6 inches.


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