Increasing eye diseases - why?

Eye is discussed in the literature as beauty of a lady. It is known to express the feeling of the person. But that is not all. Most important work of the eye is to see this beautiful world. Any defect in eye structure or function can lead to poor visibility and even blindness.

Thirty years back eye diseases were not well understood and were not properly treated. Main work of an eye doctor was limited to checking the glass power and conducting cataract surgery. Later on, with the hard work of researchers and development of sophisticated instruments many more diseases leading to blindness were recognized and most of them can be treated now. I personally feel that eye diseases have been contained. The diseases are frequently diagnosed and easily treatable. The demand for perfect vision has also made people aware of eye problems. An old lady in a village can recognize someone coming in the home and becomes happy. She does not need to recognize his features and poor vision does not allow her to do so. On the other hand for an executive who has to read fine prints or works on computers for long hours, perfect vision is mandatory. Poor vision can lead to tiredness and headache, these increasing the demand for spectacles.

I feel eye is the most precious gift of god to the human being. We can realize this if we close our eyes and move around. What a misery? We feel indebted to scientists who have made the diagnosis and treatment of so many diseases easy. It now depends on us to prevent blindness. This article has been written in order to educate people about eye and its care.


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