Corneal Abrasion and Erosion

  It is injury to superficial layer (epithelium ) of cornea. The cause is injury by fingernails, papers etc..


1) Tearing.
2) Light sensitivity.
3) Foreign body sensation.


1) Eye patch to prevent blinking and rubbing of abrasion by lid movement.
2) Antibiotics drops to prevent secondary infection.
3) Antibiotic or lubricating ointment to form a soothing layer between eyelid and abrasion.

Normally it heals in a day or two but eye may remain sensitive for some days. 

Recurrent Corneal Erosions:

Recurrent spontaneous breakdown of the epithelium, mostly at the site of earlier abrasion is known as recurrent corneal erosion.
Symptoms are same as of corneal abrasion and occur on awakening. It is more common when eyes are dry.


As for corneal abrasion. In addition following measures are taken to prevent recurrences:

1) Application of lubricating drops and ointments..
2) Bandage contact lenses.
3) Removal of damaged epithelium.


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