It is chronic inflammation of the eyelids.


  Irritation, Itching and occasionally a red eye.

More commonly seen in people with tendency towards oily skin, dandruff and dry eye.

How it develops

Bacteria resides on the surface of every one's skin but in some individuals they cause irritation in base of eyelashes causing overactivity of nearby oily glands. This leads to dandruff like scales and particles to form along the lashes and lid margin. Mostly the symptoms are mild Irritation, Itching and occasionally a red eye. Occasionally it may involve cornea leading to serious complications.


  Hot compress twice a day.
  Application of antibiotic ointment and gentle scrubbing of lid margins.
  Artificial Tears may be used to relieve symptoms of dry eye.
  In severe cases oral antibiotics are given.
  Steroids locally for short use in some cases. 


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